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Ashley Blewer

Developer, archivist. Moving image specialist, enthusiast.


Hi! I like a lot of things! I care about education (especially in tech), access (especially to moving images), the act of creation (especially on the web), and good archival practice (especially with digital formats).

I blog here sometimes!


I currently write code for and at the New York Public Library.

If my resume is what you are after, it is available here.


Working on and in open source is important to me. Fortunate to currently work on several open source projects: most notably BAVC's QC Tools and MediaConch. (Some of) my contributions can be found on Github.


Software development

Apps (for fun)



Standards development


Blog posts people like the best




I am a graduate of the Flatiron School Web Immersive program.

I have a Master's degree in Library and Information Science from the University of South Carolina with an emphasized track in Archives and Preservation. My area of expertise is in moving image materials, especially video. More specifically, my expertise involves working with the creation and management of digital assets metadata in online repositories for cultural institutions. My educational background also emphasizes rare materials and special collections, working in a museum setting, solutions for born-digital materials, and library (as well as non-library) technology.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree, also from the University of South Carolina, with a focus in Graphic Design. I have a minor in Japanese and a cognate in Art History, but I'm still terrible at team trivia.


Please get in touch:

I am always eager to connect with interesting people, particularly in my fields or related fields.

You can also find me on twitter. I'm pretty good at tweeting.