How did I get here?

AV Preservation Specialist

Artefactual Systems, Inc

01/2018 – Present


  • Writes and maintains software, provides expertise in complex digital media, and provides technical support and training for clients such as the Museum of Modern Art, Denver Art Museum, Tate Galleries, and UCLA.


Irregular file formats, large-scale ingest and processing
OAIS-based workflows, file format registries, microservices, software development and maintenance
Open Source

Archives and Web Development Consultant

Mark Morris Dance Group

10/2017 – Present


  • Developed CollectiveAccess database, data model, cataloging workflows, and access portal for and with a dance company's archives team.


Limits of media upload/playback in CollectiveAccess.
Data modeling for the preservation of intrinsically ephemeral content. How to simultaneously optimize for cataloger and end user.
Open Source

MediaConch Consultant


07/2014 – 12/2017


  • Developed elaborate architecture and design, comprehensive documentation, API, and project management goals for open source audiovisual file conformance checker software project.
  • Managed testing and quality analysis for software from creation to production.
  • Managed user experience research and outreach, including leading or providing content for workshops and conference presentations, providing documentation for varying skill sets and needs, drafting reports and promotional materials, conducting interviews with potential and active users, and seeking user feedback through the creation of and analysis of user surveys.
  • Instigated the standardization of Matroska, FFV1, and FLAC through collaboration with IETF community, code manipulation and migration, new contributor support, and detailed technical specification analysis.


Bit-level file analysis.
Building of software that supports large-scale analysis, error detection and error reduction.
Open Source
Working with C++ and irregular MediaInfo builds.

QCTools & SignalServer Consultant

Bay Area Video Coalition

01/2014 – 03/2018


  • Optimized user experience for highly technical quality control software.
  • Created unique icons for complex concepts and other graphic design work, including the SignalServer logo and promotional materials.
  • Managed software quality control and testing, design, and documentation.
  • Managed portion of two-year grant-based budget for self and contractors.
  • Created (and still creating) a welcoming open source work environment and acting as an advocate for new contributors.
  • Represented the software tools and team at various conferences and workshops. Prepared workshop materials.


Improved understanding of FFmpeg.
Building of software that supports large-scale analysis, error detection and error reduction.
Open Source
Working with C++ and irregular FFmpeg builds.

Applications Developer

New York Public Library

08/2015 – 08/2017


  • Designed and implemented scalable, optimized, maintainable database-driven web applications.
  • Improved existing web applications and develop new features to optimize data pipeline from catalog content and newly digitized assets to public-facing interfaces.
  • Collaborated with a larger team and stakeholders across the library to create new and innovative online experiences for the public.
  • Developed library-wide workflows for petabyte-scale media ingest for instant web-based patron access points and long-term preservation of assets.


How to work collaboratively and appease all interested parties in a major video migration project.
Repository development and infrastructure management. Metadata manipulation and standardization. Finding aid access, migration, and presentation.
Open Source
Team-based development practices. Ruby.

Archives and Web Development Consultant


05/2015 – 03/2016


  • Developed CollectiveAccess-based digital archives access portal for small non-profit arts organization.
  • Provided design, front-end development, and user experience work for the public face of the archives collection.
  • Developed, monitored, and tested scheduled microservices for digital preservation of media, and provided documentation for sustainability.


Understanding pros/cons of web access to media using CollectiveAccess.
Creating digital path for patron access. Writing reliable scripts for backing up data across platforms.
Open Source
Working on open source PHP-based framework.

Forward Deployed Engineer


12/2014 – 05/2015


  • Ensured client success by writing custom scripts that allows for personalized targeted marketing at scale.
  • Acted as the primary technical representative in all client and sales conversations.
  • Provided quick response and immediate correction of system bugs.


Open Source
JavaScript skills. Handling fast-paced production environments and live deployment practices. Version control. Managing conflicting priorities.

Fox Movietone Digitization Project Cataloging Manager

USC Libraries Moving Image Research Collections

09/2011 – 05/2014


  • Responsible for training and assisting multiple student workers and volunteers, providing assistance to curators in current internal and external cataloging practices, and ensuring project progress.
  • Trained, organized, and supervised the work of up to nine active student workers and volunteers per semester.
  • Maintained performance on schedule with aggressive grant-based deadlines.
  • Developed and modified scripts to accelerate and streamline the cataloging process.
  • Established a cohesive workflow for the most efficient processing and updating of unique and/or outdated catalog records.
  • Led the coordination of an annual two-day nitrate film inspection event, including the recruitment of 25+ volunteers and production of an archival film handling training video.
  • Actively participated in Drupal, Metadata, Workflow, and User Study working groups, offering solutions and troubleshooting issues related to the creation of a digital repository.
  • Won two National Film Preservation Foundation funding awards for a small home movie collections.


Metadata standards (DACS, PBCore, EAD). Nitrate handling guidelines. VHS cleaning.
Physical and digital media storage. FileMaker Pro development.
Open Source
Islandora. Open source development practices. Working with consultants. XSLT.

Community work

National Digital Stewardship Residency Advisory Group
(2019) Provide guidance to NDSR program.
No Time To Wait!
(2015-present) Organizer
IETF CELLAR Working Group
Supporting standardization of MKV, FFV1, and FLAC.
A/V Artifact Atlas
Site migration and design overhaul for archival video error detection.
Original creator/maintainer of FFmpeg script cookbook and educational resource.
Lesbian Herstory Archives
(2017-2018) Technical strategy consultation.
XFR Collective
(2015-2016) Digitized analog media for artists.
Code4lib 2016 Video Stream Committee
(2015, 2016) Ensured conference access for all!
PBCore Advisory Committee, Web Team
(2013-~2017) Iteratively improve website.


(04/2018) Recurse Center 🐙
Fellow, Fog Creek Fellowship
(10/2014) Trello
Graduate, Immersive Web Development Program
(07/2014) Flatiron School
Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS), Archival Studies
(05/2013) University of South Carolina
Bachelor of Art in Studio Art: Graphic Design
(12/2008) University of South Carolina

Other notable projects

(2013-Present) Working on miscellaneous projects under Dave Rice.
(2014-Present) Various projects.
Collaborative Cataloging Japan
(2017-2018) Working group member.
Helen Frankenthaler Foundation
(2017-2018) Digital infrastructure work.
Dance Heritage Coalition
(2014-2016) Various projects.
Crowing Rooster
(2014) Backup storage spec work.


National Film Preservation Foundation Basic Preservation Grant
(Spring 2014) For Kate Gleason home movies collection on behalf of USC Moving Image Research Collections. Successfully funded.
National Film Preservation Foundation Basic Preservation Grant
(Fall 2013) For Willie Lee Buffington/Faith Cabin Libraries home movies collection on behalf of USC Moving Image Research Collections. Successfully funded.