How to hire Ashley Blewer


First, maybe you are wondering why you should hire me. You should hire me if you:

Okay, now here are some vehicles through which we can work together.


I work full time at Artefactual Systems. You can hire me by making an inquiry there. This is a good option if you want to work with myself and a team of experts in all aspects of digital preservation planning, workflow analysis, metadata, technical implementation and systems administration, and more. This is also a good choice if you definitely want me to do it and to do it soon, as this is my full-time job and I am full-time available for it.


I am available to hire through MediaArea. This is a good option if you are primarily interested in my expertise in audiovisual preservation, my ability to communicate difficult audiovisual concepts to non-technical audiences, or general work in media analysis with a senior support team. This is also a good option if you need to work with a company based in Europe.

Direct hire

Of course, you can always hire me directly, which is cheaper and has less overhead. However, availability is limited and projects must be appropriately scoped for me to take on. This is a good choice if you have a concrete project in mind (such as documentation of an existing tool, a preservation workflow gap analysis, data/software migration project planning, or a training/teaching opportunity). I welcome programming projects if they are a suitable size, but I cannot accept ambiguously defined projects (i.e. some front-end programming, design work, a bit of back-end development, backups of the site, and DNS routing work).

If I am too busy, I may be able to connect you with someone else who can help. I know many talented people!

Just want to say thanks

If you appreciate my free and open resources and don't or can't hire me to do something specific for you, you could metaphorically buy me a coffee as a way to say you appreciate these services. For that, you can use perhaps it is better to donate to a charity like Electronic Frontier Foundation or the Internet Archive, or a small, local organization.

But I don't have any money

Are you an individual or a very small organization just trying to wrap your head around a specific problem, like what to do with a couple dozen old video tapes or how to keep digital objects minimally stable over time? I'd be happy to set you down the right path with a free consultation and recommendations how to get started on your own. No strings attached!